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Navid has a long track record in sales, in every type of sales position you can imagine! Not only is Navid proud of his humble roots, this is why he thinks he is ideally positioned to provide real estate services to his clients, “It’s all about your client, I know everyone just says that, but when you have been in sales as long as I have, you realize at the heart of the matter, relationships are what remain, and my goal is to respect and value my clients, whether that means I need to act fast and go in hard for my client, or take it slow and wait for an opportunity that is just right for them. Each and every transaction means something to a buyer or seller, whether it’s a product that’s 500 Thousand or 5 million dollars. It is always personal, and there’s nothing more personal than choosing the living quarters that you and your family/loved ones are going to be spending the most time in, cultivating the intimate and powerful family relationships that will become lifelong memories. That’s why I got into real estate because buying a house is as personal as it gets, and I knew that I could help my clients successfully navigate the complexities of the real estate purchasing/selling process, with as little inconvenience as possible, so that they can just focus on what’s important; finding their dream home”.


With Navid’s warm personality and strong social ties with his community, Real Estate was a natural fit. He has gained success in his career by combining his knowledge of the real estate market in Vancouver and hands-on skills in sales, ranging from those in the technology industry to banking, alongside the ability to negotiate effectively and fairly.


With an extensive background in sales and marketing, expertise in market analytics, and established connections with well-renowned developers and other real estate agents, Navid is able to ensure that his clients find the best value for the best price!


Evidence-Informed Decision Making

Navid has received a Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in Marketing. Additionally, he has studied business analytics at a graduate-level program at BCIT, learning how to analyze market trends with a focus on the housing market. “I think the real estate market in Vancouver is honestly very unique. You have to understand that the reality of Vancouver’s real estate market is fluctuation and variability. People think fluctuation is bad, it’s not if you know how to take advantage of the ups and downs. It’s my job to know the ins and outs of the real estate market and to help my clients make the best financial decision that is right for them, including providing advice about when they should jump in, and when they should hold off. For me, it’s not about a quick sale, I’m in this for the long haul, and I think that’s the biggest asset I bring to my clients, and what they recognize the most”.


Why should you work with Navid?

“My business is founded on 3 pillars: knowledge, honesty, and integrity. You can rely on me to make sure you have the most up-to-date information about Vancouver’s real estate market, but you can also trust me to be sincere and honest about the reality of market trends, and more so, how close you can actually get to your dream house. But most importantly, I work hard to be absolutely sure that at the end of the day we are able to close the deal, and that you walk away with the best deal possible”.  Through his knowledge, expertise, and relationship with other agents and developers, Navid will secure the best deal for his clients.

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